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1. Mobile Edit.HEIC

Orphan Mobile Edit:

Need an editor on set or to work in another city? Over the last decade Orphan has been traveling all over the country transforming spaces into luxury editing suites. Our set ups have become so popular in Texas that we opened a brick and mortar. Mobile editing provides your company with the talent they want in a distraction free environment with a full dedicated producer and assistant editor. We really do have this down to a science and can make this happen on even the tightest of budgets.

2. In House.HEIC

Orphan In-House:

Are you thinking, “We already have an editing bay in house,” “We can’t afford it,” or “Our creatives need to stay on campus.”  No problem at all. We can come to the agency. Hire our team and we can work in your existing space or transform one of your rooms into an edit suite. We will still provide the comforts and luxuries of working out of the office inside your own building. We can also match in house prices.

5. Four Walling.HEIC


Already have a team assembled? Just need a bay, gear, or client services? We are here to help. If you are traveling or have overflow work and need one or all of these services simply contact us for a competitive quote.

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