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Philanthropy. Altruism. Humanity.

When positive change is at the core of your business, everybody wins. 

We’re elevating the production industry. We’re changing the impact that a piece of content can have on the world by giving it more importance. And we’re doing it by partnering with brands who also believe in the positive change their business can have when they aim to elevate and inspire.

Hi, I’m Rob McCool, Founder and Executive Producer of Orphan. Throughout my 20-year career in advertising I have worked with some of the industry’s brightest and most creative minds. My passion for this industry comes from getting to work with amazing people, and that’s exactly what makes Orphan so special, It’s people. It’s very important to me that the underlying heartbeat of our company is the idea of giving back. Helping others in the community builds strong bonds, strengthens human connection and creates an overall wealth of happiness for all involved. We believe that through donations of time and money we’ll have a positive affect on society and ourselves. That’s why Orphan will donate 1% of sales or 10% or profit, whichever is greater, on every single job to a charity of our clients’ choosing or to one of the few we regularly support. We also hold volunteer meetups to help the less fortunate, at The Downtown Women’s Center in LA and at The Urban Community Outreach Center of Long Beach for anyone that would like to get involved.


Additionally, we are always looking to partner with companies on projects that will positively impact mankind. We recognize that some of the best proposals for change are short on funding. We want to help bring these ideas to fruition and help spread a positive message. Together we can pool our network and vast resources to foster and execute the most intricate ideas. Do you have a seed that needs to be watered? Drop us a line and let’s chat.

Similar studios typically can only do one of two things. They can do well, financially speaking, for themselves and their clients. Or they can do good in the world. Seldom do they do both. That’s about to change with Orphan.

We’ll also be utilizing this page to show off some of the special projects our team has been involved with. From social commentary to social causes, this will serve as an interactive hub to share and bring greater visibility to these projects.

A Love Letter to LA

Where to start? There are days where you’re connecting with things that we normally overlooked from our normal daily grind. Like starting a new project or hobby that you’ve been putting off for some time. Reordering the priorities of your life, as we all tend to get sidetracked. Connecting with friends and family you’ve just failed to reach out to for whatever reason. Reassessing the people in your life. Some are harsh realities that you actually appreciate and decide to take immediate action. There has been something positive out of this would situation if we are to be honest with ourselves. But then there are days you realize the reality of this very ugly predicament. You begin to feel the isolation and heartache of just the simplest of things. A hug from a lover, friend, child and family member. Going to a friend’s house or even just the notion of walking outside to the beach, restaurant, bar, etc. These are the hardest of days. To compound that there’s the longing of the days of old so that you can apply some of the things you’ve learned about yourself and want to change in your life; hoping to apply this new perspective to life, but are stuck hoping you can just get back to work. It’s been a very introspective time for all of us I’m sure. I’m just trying to stay positive and hopeful for the future as we meander through this time that has fallen upon us. In the midst of it all I had to go out and document what was going on in my part of LA, Venice Beach. It was something that kept me motivated by some of the things I love; photography, film and editing. What started as just me taking photos evolved into this and with the help from my friend @ibfrank with the graphics this is what it became. Everyone’s experience is different but I’m quite sure there are similarities we can all agree on. This was mine for the last few weeks. I look forward to when we can see the ones we love and move about the way we would like. Stay safe everyone. Stay strong. Spread love. We will get through this. Peace.


- Billy Sacdalan.

Under Armour Kids Dreams

Under Armour partnered with Living Classrooms in an attempt to bring positive change to an impoverished neighborhood in East Baltimore.  At that time, the neighborhood was at the 97% poverty line and had a teenage pregnancy rate of just over 40%.  The collective goal was to shake the cycle of poverty that existed by providing resources that supported positive change.  Novel Media, a Chicago based production company, approached me to join their team in creating a pro bono trailer to help raise community awareness to this cause.  It was easy to commit to this project as it’s always been important to me to help others who may not be in a position to help themselves.  I agreed to directing and editing roles for this project.  We worked directly with Under Armour’s global philanthropy department to concept and execute a trailer.  In addition to the trailer, I took it upon myself to produce three additional films to potentially further their reach.  The spots were intended to motivate positive change by focusing on the qualities of successful people.  The qualities highlighted were personal integrity, perseverance, and effort.


– Zac Kinzinger

GoDaddy Tyson

GoDaddy approached me to edit a new brand campaign using the tagline “Make the World You Want”.  The campaign highlighted six influencers and their unique ambitions of making the world better in their own way.  Some of these pursuits included restoring neglected basketball courts in impoverished communities, turning recovered plastic into reusable consumer products, and making music that shared the struggles of anxiety and depression.  All alike, the goal of these influencers and their stories was to evoke a positive change in the world by following their own dreams and passions.  It is very satisfying to have participated in a project that carries a deeper human purpose of spreading inspiration, positivity, and connectedness.  I'm grateful for this opportunity and hopeful more like-spirited work presents itself.


– Zac Kinzinger

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